Friday, March 12, 2010

She is definitely his child

We were eating dinner the other night and Jeremy had cut up some raw onion and was eating it with his dinner. Can we all say eeeewwwww! As you can tell I'm definitely not a raw onion fan. Anyway, the onion was so strong it was bringing tears to his eyes. Well, Ella kept asking if she could have a piece. We kept telling her no and that it would sting, but she kept insisting. So we cut a little piece for her and Jeremy told her when it started to "sting" then to spit it out and drink some milk. This child took the onion, threw it in her mouth, chewed it up without even flinching or making a face, swallowed it and asked for more! I thought I was going to gag right then and there. Jeremy looked at me and said, "She's definitely mine." That she is!

We had gone out to lunch the other day...all four of us. Well Ella was started to act up and cause a scene. So I scooped her up to go outside and have a little chat so that we didn't disturb the nice people around us. Well, Ella and I had our little chat and we came back inside and sat down. And what was the first thing she did once she sat down? She looked at Jeremy will big alligator tears coming down her face and said in a pitiful, whiny voice, "Daddy, Mommy hit me". I ABOUT DIED because she did not get a spanking while we had our chat! She completely made the story up and even brought tears with it! My mouth fell down to the ground when she said that. I couldn't believe it. I then tried to tell her the difference of being truthful and lying. Well see how far that conversation gets me. At least I can start picking out my dress for the Oscar's because I see her winning one in her future.

Last one...we were laying in bed Saturday morning, and Ella asked me a question and I had said no. She looks at me and says, "Mommy, don't tell me no." See, when Ella is being disrespectful and yelling no at the top of her lungs, I tell her that she's not allowed to tell me no. She can say no ma'am. But she's not allowed to be ugly in her telling no to anyone. At least she's listening to what I'm saying.

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