Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nothing Like Being Wild and Free

Fun Around the House

Just hanging out in the kitchen one night taking pictures...doesn't everyone do this? :)

Happy Girl

Good shot of the toofers (pay no attention to the dirty face)

I give up!

Hey there you doooiiinnn?

Miss Priss

Strange face

Smiley girl

One of my beauty's

Father's Day

We are so blessed to have such strong, wonderful men in our lives as our fathers and now grandfathers to our little ones. This was a little trinket that we made for my dad, Jeremy's dad and stepdad for Father's Day. I got the idea from my friend Heather at work. They turned out so cute! Thanks Heather!

Top frame say Papa (Megan holding the P's and Ella holding the A's)
Bottom frame says Papaw

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tubes, Tubes, Tubes

Well off we went to the surgery center AGAIN this time for Megan so that she could have tubes put in and her adenoids removed. We now know that surgery center like the back of our hand. Ella's been there twice for two sets of tunes and now Megan once for her tubes. Poor Megan has pretty much had a chronic ear infection since the beginning of May. So this was our best option to help her. She was NOT a happy camper that morning considering how early we had to get up and then she wasn't allowed anything to eat or drink. But she did great in surgery. She was pretty cranky the rest of the day from not feeling so hot. But she is now feeling so much better. You can just tell by looking at her sweet face.

Snuggles with Papaw before surgery

Ella's just glad it's not her turn this time

Waiting for the surgeon

Don't let this sweet face fool you...she was not a happy camper back in triage!