Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sisterly Love

I love this story and don't want to forget it. We went up to New York last weekend to visit family and lay Mom to rest. Well, me, Jeremy, and the girls' stayed in my cousin Kaitlyn's room. The girls' were on the air mattress. They loved it. Well one night we put them to bed. A couple of hours later I hear Megan crying on the intercom. So I go upstairs to check it out. When I walk in she's sitting up crying on the mattress and pointing at Ella. Ella had rolled off the mattress onto the floor and Megan was so concerned that we needed to get her back on the mattress. So she starting crying to get us to come upstairs and help move her. How sweet is that!?!

Megan's 2nd Birthday Party

Megan turned 2! And Elmo was there! She saw him and screamed, "MELMO!" We had a blast with Elmo.

Ella's 4th Birthday Party

Finally...some birthday party pictures! I'm so far behind. We had a blast at Ella's birthday party. Tinkerbell was even able to come!! She loved it!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Horrible and Pitiful

We had the girls' 4 year and 2nd year checkups today. Boy, was that hard. Megan was already annoyed at where we were and whining before the doctor even walked in. We were the family that you could hear in the waiting room with all the screaming that was coming from our room. My ears still hurt. Thankfully, the girls' are very healthy and doing well. Lucky for Megan she only had to have a finger prick today. Ella got the raw end of the deal. She had to have a finger prick and 4 shots! She is now ready for Kindergarten. But she didn't take it so well. As we were leaving the doctors office I said, "Boy, that was fun." Ella looks at me and says, "Well NOT for me!" God love her. Here are their stats:

Height= 40 1/4 in.(55%)
Weight= 37lb 8oz (65-70%)

Height=35 1/4 in (80%)
Weight=29lb 10oz (80-85%)

After the finger was pricked...little does she know at this point that she's about to get 4 shots in the leg. Ouch.

Why is it that when they get thir finger pricked it's like they've broken their hand and have to hold their hand funny?

They don't look too happy...do they?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Megan's 2!!

Megan Claire...what a great two years it's been! You have grown so much and your personality has really started shining. You and your sister are the light of your Daddy's and my lives! You still don't talk too much but, girlfriend, you understand everything that comes out of our mouth. You are so strong willed. You and I might have trouble during your teenage years because I see a lot of me in you. Nannie always said I was going to get my payback. :) Your smile and laugh is infectious and you can light up the room. Happy 2nd birthday my sweet girl! We love you so much!!

Megan-2 years old

Megan-1 year old


Monday, August 08, 2011

The First Boyfriend

We were eating dinner tonight and here's the conversation between Jeremy and Ella:
Ella: "Daddy, guess what!?!"
Jeremy: "What?"
Ella: "I have a boyfriend!"
Jeremy: "Oh really? Who is he?"
Ella: "Harrison Oatmeal Gist!" (Harrison's real name is Harrison O'Neal Gist...I guess O'Neal to her sounds like oatmeal.)
Jeremy: "Oh, boy."

Keep in mind Harrison and Ella have been together since birth. They have been in the same class since they started in day care in the infant room. They are adorable together. Harrison has been there for every birthday. The pictures below are a testament. We love us some Harrison and think he is precious. Thank you Harrison for being such a good friend to her at this young age! I mean...how cute are they!?!

Ella and Harrison at her 4th birthday party

Harrison at Ella's 3rd birthday

Harrison helping Ella blow out candles at her 2nd birthday at school

Harrison eating cupcakes at Ella's bday at school at 1 year old

Saturday, August 06, 2011

4 Years Old

Ella Marie...you are 4 years old today!! Where has the time gone!?! You are such a loving and independent little girl and your Daddy and I are having so much fun watching you grow. You are so smart! Your abstract thinking is out of this world for your age. You absolutely amaze me. And you definitely have your Mommy's sense of direction. You can tell us how to get anywhere. You absolutely love your sister. It warms my heart to see you guys snuggling, laughing together, and loving on each other. You also have your many fights but I guess that is what sisters 2 years apart do. But at least you always hug and make up. I pray that you stay so close to Megan for the rest of your life. Your personality is phenominal. You are constantly making us laugh. The looks you give, the laughs you laugh, the smiles that warm are hearts are some of the things that make you amazing. You have such a pure heart and we are so proud to call you our daughter. We love you Ella Bean!

4 years old

3 years old

2 years old

1 year old


Cabinets, Tile, and Doors

Double oven on the left, microwave in the middle (push button to open microwave and then you drop the food from the top into the microwave-very, very cool), freezer and refrigerator to the right

Gas stop top with griddle in the middle with the ventahood

Dishwasher on the left, sink in the middle, and ice maker to the right