Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yawns and Sneezes


Jeremy and I are learning that parenthood is the most amazing thing. We definitely get peed on...Jeremy..., thrown up on, and screamed at, but when we go in Ella's room in the morning to get her out of her crib and she's laying there and smiling so big at us like we are the most important people in the whole wide world, it just makes us feel so special and we just thank God for our precious Ella. She is such a blessing and we are having so much fun with her.

Diaper Changes

Daddy does a very good job changing Ella's diapers. However, Ella LOVES to throw Daddy for a loop and she loves to pee whenever he doesn't have a diaper on her. Jeremy was not paying attention one day and it ran down her changing pad and went all over his shorts. She never does this when Mommy's changing her.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First Photo Shoot

Well, we had our first photo shoot today and it went pretty well. She only puked a couple of times on herself and didn't get her outfits too dirty, so Mommy was excited. The smocked outfit with the cute bonnet is her Christening gown which was handmade by my Aunt LeeAnn's sister. Let me tell you, that gown is absolutely gorgeous and we are so excited that Ella has that for her Baptism. And she was definitely getting tired in the pictures with the pink dress. But overall we were very pleased with the end result considering she is only 7 weeks old.

Friday, September 21, 2007

We're back!

Ok, so I tried this blogger thing last year to keep everyone updated on us, BUT that didn't work very well since it was just me, Jeremy, and Tanner. Now that we have Ella everyone wants updates and pictures. So we figure this is the best way to do that without sending out fifty million mass emails. So please keep checking the blog for updates on the Parker family.

Just a recap...Ella was born 8/6/07 at 10:59pm. She was 8 lbs 13 oz and 20 in long. We had a rough first week with the dehydation and jaundice which landed us at LeBonheur for the first weekend. But we were able to get back on track and we're doing pretty well until she started to turn blue on us. So back to LeBonheur we went and all kinds of tests were run but they couldn't seem to figure it out. Still to this day she likes to turn blue every once in a while. But as long as she's eating, breathing, and pottying we are doing okay.

She is 6 weeks old now and she is smiling at us, which just melts our hearts. And we are in the process of planning her Baptism. It's looking like it's going to be October 20 and we are so excited to baptize her and raise her to know God in the Catholic church. So please pray for us and our family in that we do the right things and make the right decisions in raising this beautiful, precious baby girl that we love SOOOO much.