Saturday, June 27, 2009

Little Gym

Miss Ella has started Little Gym for the summer and she just absolutely loves it. Here are some pictured from her session today. And some of these pictures are blurry. We have to take our camera in to get fixed so the autofocus will work again. We accidentally dropped the camera while we were on vacation.

Looks like an Olympian to me

Flippng backwards with the instructor

Flipping backwards with Daddy. Thank goodness Daddy was there today, because there was no way Mommy was going to try this with her big belly in the way.

Looking like she's going to break her neck. We're trying to learn the "correct" technique.

So talented :)

Daddy looks more into it than Ella

Just a little something to remember

No pictures with this post. This is just a little story about Ella that I wanted to be able to remember later on. Jeremy went to drop her off at school the other day, and as soon as they entered her room her little friend Harrison came running up to push her. You know...probably one of those boy love pushes. :) Anyway, he missed her completely and got nothing but air. But my daughter, the drama queen threw herself on the floor like he had just man handled her and started crying like she was hurt. She is already setting the boys up for trouble!

Finally...a backsplash

Well I underestimated the importance of a backsplash in the kitchen. I thought that we could just do it at a later date. Well after the walls got yucky from water spots and cooking on the stove I couldn't take it any more. We finally added it and I love it.



Sunday, June 07, 2009

Family Trip to Florida

We just got back from a wonderful family vacation to Florida. Jeremy's mom and stepdad were down there one day while we were so we got to see them and hang out with them for a little bit. They were even able to babysit while Jeremy and I could squeeze in a date night. We appreciated it greatly! The weather was beautiful and not too hot, which was nice for a 30 week pregnant woman. We got in some beach time, pool, shopping, and we all even went golfing. Ella loved the pool and the beach, but did not care for the ocean except on the very last day we were there. She was ready to jump in...waves and all. Go figure. Ella was such a good girl the whole trip. We were just so proud of her. And the next time we go back we'll be a family of four!

Just as a side note...Ella did so well in Florida sleeping on a big girl bed we decided to go ahead and transition her to her big girl room as soon as we got home. And she has done WONDERFUL! She loves her big girl bed and has been sleeping great. Let's hope that continues. :)

Her new favorite place to ride

Doesn't she look cute in her Lilly?

Serious golfer

Loved riding in the golf cart with Daddy

Mommy and Ella

Don't mind "her bigness" on the right :)

Giving Daddy kisses

Loves the pool

Ella and MeMe

Random Cuteness

Jeremy's Birthday

We all went to Benihana's to celebrate Jeremy and Jason's birthday. Here are a few pictures from that night.