Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bath Time

Smiling for Mommy

"I wasn't ready for the water pour!"

"And what are you doing to me now?"

Ella LOVES her bath time. If she's having a cranky day and we stick her in the bath she will immediately become in a better mood. She's starting to learn that she can kick around in the water and splash us everywhere and she's loving that. Here are some pictures of her last bath.
Another note...Mommy starts back to work on Monday so the updates might be a little slower than normal. Ella, Daddy and I have had a wonderful twelve weeks together and we have cherished every moment. I am just so glad and fortunate that I was able to take that time off. I sure am going to miss hanging out with this little girl all day!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ella's Baptism

Ella got baptized this past Saturday, and she was not a happy camper. She was cranky all day and pretty much cried throughout the whole ceremony. But we got through it. We had a lot of family come into town and we were so grateful that they could be there. We also want to thank Aunt Maureen and Uncle Philip for being wonderful Godparents to Ella! And the weather could not have been any better. So, overall, it was a wonderful day and weekend and we just thank the Lord for all his blessings for ourselves and for Ella.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Fall!!

Ella's Boyfriend

Giving kisses to his momma

Harrison Grant

We would like to introduce Ella's boyfriend, Harrison Grant Pollina. He was born 10/9/07 and was a whopping 9lbs 2 oz. His parents, Tony and Jenny, are wonderful friends of ours and we just send a huge congratulations to them. We are so excited to watch Ella and Harrison grow up together!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Poor Baby!

Well, Ella had her two month checkup today. She weighs 13 lbs 10 oz's and is now about 24 inches long. She is ranking in the 95th percentile in her height and weight. When we do something in the Parker household, we do it right! She also had to get 5 shots today. Ouch! She was a brave little girl, but definitely not happy. Overall, she's doing really well and is very healthy.

Sibling Love

Jeremy was getting a little upset that Tanner doesn't have any pictures on here considering he is our "first child". So here are some of him and Ella. He just loves this little girl and is so sweet with her. He loves to lick all over her face, and she doesn't seem to mind to much.

Mommy's Chipmunk

This is my serious look. What do you think?

Mommy's funny.

Fat cheeks!

Look at these cheeks!! Aren't they yummy?