Monday, March 15, 2010

Does everyone have this problem?

The air conditioning guys came over for our yearly checkup on our units. They were checking everything out in the attic and oops...missed a step and went right through the ceiling. Tell me everyone has this problem. Right?

Zoo Playdate

Jeremy, Ella, and Megan met up with Mark, Addison, and Keaton at the zoo the other day while the Momma's worked. How is that fair? :)

Addison and Ella

Poor Keaton...someone will come get you. That's what happens when the Momma's don't go. Someone gets left behind. :)

Aren't they cute!?!

We love spring!

A couple of weekends ago the weather was so nice. So we were able to have a picnic and enjoy it. Here are a couple pictures from our outing.

By the time we got around to taking pictures of the 2 girls together Megan had had it!

Rockin' the pony!

Mommy and her girls

Beautiful Meggers

Striking a pose

They love their Daddy

Daddy and his girls

My beautiful Ella

Mommy and Megan

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just because I love comparisons

Megan at 6 months:

Ella at 6 months:

What do you think? Similar/Different?

Friday, March 12, 2010

She is definitely his child

We were eating dinner the other night and Jeremy had cut up some raw onion and was eating it with his dinner. Can we all say eeeewwwww! As you can tell I'm definitely not a raw onion fan. Anyway, the onion was so strong it was bringing tears to his eyes. Well, Ella kept asking if she could have a piece. We kept telling her no and that it would sting, but she kept insisting. So we cut a little piece for her and Jeremy told her when it started to "sting" then to spit it out and drink some milk. This child took the onion, threw it in her mouth, chewed it up without even flinching or making a face, swallowed it and asked for more! I thought I was going to gag right then and there. Jeremy looked at me and said, "She's definitely mine." That she is!

We had gone out to lunch the other day...all four of us. Well Ella was started to act up and cause a scene. So I scooped her up to go outside and have a little chat so that we didn't disturb the nice people around us. Well, Ella and I had our little chat and we came back inside and sat down. And what was the first thing she did once she sat down? She looked at Jeremy will big alligator tears coming down her face and said in a pitiful, whiny voice, "Daddy, Mommy hit me". I ABOUT DIED because she did not get a spanking while we had our chat! She completely made the story up and even brought tears with it! My mouth fell down to the ground when she said that. I couldn't believe it. I then tried to tell her the difference of being truthful and lying. Well see how far that conversation gets me. At least I can start picking out my dress for the Oscar's because I see her winning one in her future.

Last one...we were laying in bed Saturday morning, and Ella asked me a question and I had said no. She looks at me and says, "Mommy, don't tell me no." See, when Ella is being disrespectful and yelling no at the top of her lungs, I tell her that she's not allowed to tell me no. She can say no ma'am. But she's not allowed to be ugly in her telling no to anyone. At least she's listening to what I'm saying.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Running Errands

Jeremy and I took the girls to the park/lake/walking trail for a day outside. It was beautiful! So we brought our lunch and the four of us sat outside and had a picnic by the lake. Pictures of that to come. Anyway, we were done with lunch so we start walking on the walking trail. Ella and Jeremy were walking and playing behind me and Megan. I hear Ella start running and as she reaches back up to me and is starting to run by me, she says, "Momma...I'm running errands." She hears me say that a lot but I guess she just thinks that running errands is just literally running. Too funny!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Just Goofing Around and Megan's 6 Month Checkup

Our Meggers is doing great! We went for her 6 month checkup and she weighs 19 lbs and is 28 in. long. She is in the 90th percentile for both, so she is growing great! She is such a laid back and easy baby. And she loves her big sister with a capital L. Ella can make her laugh and giggle so hard. It is absolute music to my ears. Just this morning they were both sitting on my bed and Ella had her arm around Megan and both of them were just smiling away. Ella was so proud to be sitting there with her. And that is what makes me feel so blessed. I know it's not always going to be easy, but just to see that love between them makes my heart melt. We are so blessed to have them in our life and thank God daily for Megan and Ella.

PBA Here We Come

We took Ella bowling for the first time and she loved it. As you can tell she wanted to do it all by herself.

First Dentist Visit

Oh. My. Did not go as planned. We had been talking to Ella about her first dentist visit for weeks. The talks were going good and she was excited. Well, the day finally came and we turned out to be not as excited as we had anticipated that we would be. Go figure. The dentist office was wonderful!! They were very patient with her even through her fits. She was just not in a very cooperative mood. So here's hoping the next visit goes better. But I remember that I never had anything that fun or nice growing up. They even had tv's over all the dental chairs for the little guys. I had a poster tacked up on the ceiling for us to "focus" on when I was little. Boy, times have changed and it makes me feel old!

Miss Sassy

Playing with the instruments

Ok...that's funny...I think I like it...

Not so funny any more

Here's to hoping next time is better. :)

Viva Las Vegas

Well...we were off to Vegas for a big birthday. Becca turned 30!!! Lindsay turned 30 a couple of weeks before that and I turn 30 in September. Yikes! So it was a celebration for all of us. We had a blast! And we were quickly reminded that we were not in college anymore. I can't do what I used to be able to do. Ha! I love these people like family and am so glad that we were all able to go.

Always have to hang out with Elvis while waiting for your flight in the Memphis airport.

Lindsay, Me, and Becca

The boys at the time. Wilkie flew out a day late.

Love these girls!

Here Mr. Stingray...

Where we stayed. Loved it!

Having a liquid lunch. Gosh, I love vacation!

Wilkie and Linds

Becca and Luke at her 30th birthday lunch
Jeremy and I

Jeremy and I on top of the Eiffel Tower

The girls after Cirque

Visiting the dolphins at The Mirage

A few last pictures before Vegas

A few last minute pictures before Jeremy and I headed off to Las Vegas...

Do they look like they're going to miss us? I think not....