Monday, March 01, 2010

First Dentist Visit

Oh. My. Did not go as planned. We had been talking to Ella about her first dentist visit for weeks. The talks were going good and she was excited. Well, the day finally came and we turned out to be not as excited as we had anticipated that we would be. Go figure. The dentist office was wonderful!! They were very patient with her even through her fits. She was just not in a very cooperative mood. So here's hoping the next visit goes better. But I remember that I never had anything that fun or nice growing up. They even had tv's over all the dental chairs for the little guys. I had a poster tacked up on the ceiling for us to "focus" on when I was little. Boy, times have changed and it makes me feel old!

Miss Sassy

Playing with the instruments

Ok...that's funny...I think I like it...

Not so funny any more

Here's to hoping next time is better. :)

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