Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crickets Chirping

Sorry I've been MIA. Between work and finishing this house, things have been pretty crazy. I promise to have house pictures soon. It is all clean and ready for us to move in. We just need to finish up some inspections and we are good to close. Yay!

But I just wanted to share an Ella story. Ella, Megan and myself were eating dinner tonight. Jeremy is at the fire station. I can't remember how we got on the topic and we were talking about marriage. Ella said that she was going to marry Harrison and Daddy. Well I told her that you were only allowed to marry one person (unless you were on the show Sister Wives. Ha. J/K). So she looks at me and was like, "Well, ok, I'll marry Daddy then." Lucky Daddy made the cut (barely). He should feel special. :)Enjoy it while you can big guy!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

House Pictures

Here are some updated pictures of the house that I took today. We're getting close!

The pool has officially started! Yay!

The mudbench right off the garage

Our nice new friend that likes to come around. :/

Don't mind the ladder and mess on the floor. But I just love my stone fireplace!

Master Bedroom color

"Tongue and Groove" on the front porch

Megan's room

Ella's room

Built in desk for the office

Gas Stove Top with Griddle *swoon*

Detached Garage

I love their shadows. Ella's striking a pose and Megan is looking at her crazy.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

New York *aka...just in time for Irene*

Oh, New York. Sweet New York. God only knows we can't go visit there without having some kind of disaster. Last time my mother shattered her hip and it took us a week to get her back home. This time a natural disaster was coming straight for us...Hurricane Irene. But we survived and had some great family time. We were able to finish laying Mom to rest before the Hurricane hit. The other half that was not laid to rest in the ocean in Florida is now lying peacefully with her Mother. It was so nice to see the family and to be able to say we survived Irene.

We were able to even go to the beach the Friday before Irene hit. It was a beautiful day. The water was rough and freezing. We are used to the Gulf temps. Not the Arctic!

Love those curls

Sweet Mom

Mom and my Nannie are where the "drapery" is

My Mom's two beautiful sisters