Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crickets Chirping

Sorry I've been MIA. Between work and finishing this house, things have been pretty crazy. I promise to have house pictures soon. It is all clean and ready for us to move in. We just need to finish up some inspections and we are good to close. Yay!

But I just wanted to share an Ella story. Ella, Megan and myself were eating dinner tonight. Jeremy is at the fire station. I can't remember how we got on the topic and we were talking about marriage. Ella said that she was going to marry Harrison and Daddy. Well I told her that you were only allowed to marry one person (unless you were on the show Sister Wives. Ha. J/K). So she looks at me and was like, "Well, ok, I'll marry Daddy then." Lucky Daddy made the cut (barely). He should feel special. :)Enjoy it while you can big guy!

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