Thursday, April 23, 2009

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny "white" polka dot bikini.....

Ok...not so much a bikini, but how cute is she in her bathing suit?

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Can you believe it? 7 posts (not including this one) in 1 day! Make sure you scroll down through all of them.

Easter Sunday

Loves her new purse Nannie bought her

Eating a lemon

Ella and Aunt Leah

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We went to church, had brunch with my Dad, Rene', and Leah, came home and took a much needed nap, then had family come over around dinner time. We just praise God for all of the blessings we have in our lives!

The Easter Bunny came!

Ella was so excited to see what the Easter Bunny left her. This is the first time she has gotten excited about seeing some new presents for the first time, so that made it really fun for Mom and Dad. Let me explain the cones...she LOVES them. Every time we're outside she will run into our next door neighbors garage and grab their cones and start lining them up. Therefore, we decided to get her her own. And what's the first thing she grabbed when she saw everything...the cones. At least we can start practicing our soccer dribbling skills. :)

Thank God they're non toxic

Excited to be dyeing Easter eggs

Ella dyed Easter eggs for the first time this year and she was sooo excited. Thank God they're non toxic because the first thing she did was dip the egg dipper in the dye and then put it in her mouth. Mommy couldn't stop her in time. Daddy was working so he missed out on all the fun. But do you know how hard it is trying to keep all the dye in the cups, take pictures, and keep a 20 month old still on a chair? Hard, I tell ya! I was able to keep the dye in the cups and take pictures but that 20 month old...landed on my foot after she fell off the chair. Scared Mommy to death! Thank goodness it was my foot and not the tile. Mommy learned her lesson.

Birth Mark

Well most everyone knows that Ella has a birth mark on the back of her neck. All of her doctors (aka...pediatrician, ent doc, etc) have all told us to get it removed. Well, we went to the plastic surgeon last week to get his opinion on what he thinks we need to do. He said if we leave it alone then it does have a chance of turning malignant in her lifetime. Therefore, since it does have a chance then we will be removing it. It makes me sad because I love it. It's part of her. The plastic surgeon recommended waiting until 5-6 years old that way he has a little more skin to work with. Plus, it's better for kids to be older when they go "under". So we'll just go every 6 months for our check up to make sure it's not growing or thickening and then we will get it removed later on.

It starts on her shoulder line and goes up into her hair. It's where the stork was carrying her and dropped her to us on the day she was born. :)

Fun Hair Day

Ultimate Hatred for the Easter Bunny

Well, needless to say, since Santa Clause didn't go well at Christmas, I KNEW the Easter Bunny was not going to be a big hit. However, Jeremy's form of torture won on that day so he took her to go see the fuzzy bunny. As you can tell, it was way worse than Santa. As soon as she got off his lap and into Jeremy's arms she was waving at him and saying bye-bye. We also went to brunch with my dad's family today for Easter and they had the Easter Bunny walking around. If he even looked in her direction she would stop what she was doing, scream, and run to Jeremy to bury her head in his shoulder. Poor thing. She's traumatized!

Megan Claire Parker

Here is a picture from our latest ultrasound of Megan. She's a stubborn little thing. I had to go twice to get a good picture of her heart. And it even took the ultrasound tech forever to get a good picture of it the second time. I was close to having to go back a third time. But everything looks great. And we are over halfway done!