Sunday, April 12, 2009

Birth Mark

Well most everyone knows that Ella has a birth mark on the back of her neck. All of her doctors (aka...pediatrician, ent doc, etc) have all told us to get it removed. Well, we went to the plastic surgeon last week to get his opinion on what he thinks we need to do. He said if we leave it alone then it does have a chance of turning malignant in her lifetime. Therefore, since it does have a chance then we will be removing it. It makes me sad because I love it. It's part of her. The plastic surgeon recommended waiting until 5-6 years old that way he has a little more skin to work with. Plus, it's better for kids to be older when they go "under". So we'll just go every 6 months for our check up to make sure it's not growing or thickening and then we will get it removed later on.

It starts on her shoulder line and goes up into her hair. It's where the stork was carrying her and dropped her to us on the day she was born. :)

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