Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thank God they're non toxic

Excited to be dyeing Easter eggs

Ella dyed Easter eggs for the first time this year and she was sooo excited. Thank God they're non toxic because the first thing she did was dip the egg dipper in the dye and then put it in her mouth. Mommy couldn't stop her in time. Daddy was working so he missed out on all the fun. But do you know how hard it is trying to keep all the dye in the cups, take pictures, and keep a 20 month old still on a chair? Hard, I tell ya! I was able to keep the dye in the cups and take pictures but that 20 month old...landed on my foot after she fell off the chair. Scared Mommy to death! Thank goodness it was my foot and not the tile. Mommy learned her lesson.

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Leslie and Sam said...

This reminds me of a story one of my kindergarteners' moms told me a couple weeks ago. She and her daughter had never dyed eggs together at home. So, when her daughter went to Pre-K and dyed eggs with her class, the little girl was so intrigued by it. Anyway, on the way home, the little girl asked if her egg was "still the kind" she could eat. The mom said yes and ten minutes later looked in the backseat of the car to find her daughter eating the entire egg, shell and all. The mom had said she learned a lesson about being more specific, or at least not letting a four year old be alone with unknown food again!