Monday, August 08, 2011

The First Boyfriend

We were eating dinner tonight and here's the conversation between Jeremy and Ella:
Ella: "Daddy, guess what!?!"
Jeremy: "What?"
Ella: "I have a boyfriend!"
Jeremy: "Oh really? Who is he?"
Ella: "Harrison Oatmeal Gist!" (Harrison's real name is Harrison O'Neal Gist...I guess O'Neal to her sounds like oatmeal.)
Jeremy: "Oh, boy."

Keep in mind Harrison and Ella have been together since birth. They have been in the same class since they started in day care in the infant room. They are adorable together. Harrison has been there for every birthday. The pictures below are a testament. We love us some Harrison and think he is precious. Thank you Harrison for being such a good friend to her at this young age! I cute are they!?!

Ella and Harrison at her 4th birthday party

Harrison at Ella's 3rd birthday

Harrison helping Ella blow out candles at her 2nd birthday at school

Harrison eating cupcakes at Ella's bday at school at 1 year old

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