Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Horrible and Pitiful

We had the girls' 4 year and 2nd year checkups today. Boy, was that hard. Megan was already annoyed at where we were and whining before the doctor even walked in. We were the family that you could hear in the waiting room with all the screaming that was coming from our room. My ears still hurt. Thankfully, the girls' are very healthy and doing well. Lucky for Megan she only had to have a finger prick today. Ella got the raw end of the deal. She had to have a finger prick and 4 shots! She is now ready for Kindergarten. But she didn't take it so well. As we were leaving the doctors office I said, "Boy, that was fun." Ella looks at me and says, "Well NOT for me!" God love her. Here are their stats:

Height= 40 1/4 in.(55%)
Weight= 37lb 8oz (65-70%)

Height=35 1/4 in (80%)
Weight=29lb 10oz (80-85%)

After the finger was pricked...little does she know at this point that she's about to get 4 shots in the leg. Ouch.

Why is it that when they get thir finger pricked it's like they've broken their hand and have to hold their hand funny?

They don't look too they?

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