Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Things They Say

Here are some things that the girls' have said lately. Have to document them or I'll forget.

Jeremy: "Don't forget we need to get P.A.N.C.A.K.E.S at the store." (He's talking to me and spelling the word pancakes so the girls' don't hear and get upset that we don't have any.
Ella (only 4 years old): "Yea, Mom, we need to get pancakes at the store."
She knew what he spelled!! Jeremy and I were baffled. Because that's a pretty big word for a 4 year old and we had never spelled it around her before nor practiced it with her. She amazes us. I can't be losing the spelling ability with her just yet! It's too early.

Jeremy was taking the girls' to school the other day. He opens the door and Ella walks in, then Jeremy, and then he holds the door for Megan. Ella looks at him and says, "No Daddy...ladies first." You go girl!

Jeremy had picked Ella up from school to go run errands and meet me for lunch. He told her they were going to run errands after lunch and she says, "Ok, Daddy. I'll have some patience." She then gets in the car and says, "Daddy, have some patience. I'm putting on my seatbelt." Ha. Think we're telling her to have some patience lately? She's really bad about being impatient in the car. :)

We met my Dad, Rene', and Leah to decorate gingerbread houses on Monday. Rene' turns to Megan and says, "What's your name?" Megan's reply, "Me."

We were in the car the other day and Jeremy and I were talking. Megan then says, "Momma! SSSSSHHHHHH!" from the back seat. Well excuse me little girl for interrupting your song.

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