Thursday, December 08, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner Story

So I have probably told everyone and their brother this story. So if you've already heard it feel free to skip it. But I needed to document it for my sweet daughter for a rehearsal dinner story when she's getting married. I'm so mean. :)

So it was a Saturday night and Jeremy was working. Keep in mind we had just moved into our new house. It hadn't even been lived in by us more than a month at this point. So Megan comes downstairs and hops on the couch. I notice she had taken her diaper off and was naked from the waist down. I then get this awful nasty smell come my way. And then it hit me. I jumped up like the house was on fire. I tell Megan to "stand up...stand up...stand up..." as if that was going to hurry her along. And then I see remnants on her little tushy. Oh yes, she had taken off her poopy diaper. So then I was on the man hunt for where this diaper was. Luckily, it was face up on the landing upstairs. But then I look at the stairs and I see what had taken the beating. Beacuse she proceeded to sit at the top step and scoot her but down each step as she came downstairs. So step #1 was quite obvious. But then we have that nice speckled carpet for the purposes of hiding dirt. Well I was cursing this carpet because now it was hiding poopy that I needed to find. So I had to go step by step and do a sniff test to see where her little hiney had been. Talk about disgusting!

So just when I thought she had learned her lesson, here comes Sunday. The very next day. Jeremy was home (thank goodness...because I couldn't do that twice in one weekend by myself) and I hear Ella yell, "Mom, she's doing it again!" We go racing upstairs and she had taken ANOTHER poopy diaper off in Ella's room. The poop had managed to fall out of the diaper onto Ella's floor and then Megan proceeds to step in it and since she didn't like the way that felt she walked across Ella's room to come tell us to get it off her foot. GROSS!!! It was everywhere! So needless to say we are in the middle of potty training. Going well so far. No more poopy on the floors since that weekend. Thank goodness! :)

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Laura Frazier said...

Well...I better be invited to her wedding because I have to protect this girl from you!! bbwwaaahhhaaa talk about blackmail. These are the stories you tell AFTER the wedding in case it scares her poor boyfriend to death. Oh the joys of motherhood. To think all of the things people never bothered to tell us when we were growing up. Hope you get some poopy peace soon :) Love You sister!!