Sunday, June 06, 2010

Mexico Part 2

We just celebrated our 5 year anniversary in Mexico. We stayed at The Royal in Playa Del Carmen. It was fabulous! It was all-inclusive which means you can eat and drink all you want to and we didn't have to lift a finger. I think we both gained 10 lbs a piece. Yikes! The first day that we got there Jeremy twisted his neck/back and couldn't move. So we had to call the Mexican doctor to come "fix" him up. He was good as new the next day so that was nice. We also attended mass on Sunday. So that was a neat cultural experience. We also visited the Mayan Ruins in Tulum. We had a spa and golf day. And we had plenty of beach and pool time. So we had a wonderful time just the two of us.

This is what you get when you ask a drunk man to take your picture.

Handsome hubby

Self portrait

Catholic Church

Swinging at the bar

Our room


Here little friend...

Tulum/Mayan Ruins

Beach at Tulum

View from the front lobby

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Jen said...

You look BEAUTIFUL!!!