Thursday, April 21, 2011


My poor husband was not feeling well at all the other day. It was serious enough that we took him to the hospital to where he was diagnosed with pneumonia. So we are here in the hospital for night #2. Well I left a little while ago to go get the girls' and bring them up to see their Daddy before they went to PaPa and Nay-Nay's house to spend the night. My 3 year is very smart and understands way more than she probably should in her 3 years having just gone through everything with her Nannie (my Mom). So we're in the car driving to the hospital and she starts talking to me.

"Mommy, Nannie was in the hospital." I said, "Yes, honey, she was." She says, "Now, Daddy's in the hospital." I said, "Yes, honey, he is." At this point my heart began to sink. Because I can feel where she might be going with this.

So then Ella says, "Nannie's in Heaven. Is Daddy going to Heaven too?"

My heart broke for her knowing that she was thinking that. Unfortunately her only hospital experiences (not that you want to have any) were not the very positive outcome ones since Nannie died so quickly after coming home from the hospital. So I just reassured her that Daddy was not going to Heaven yet and that he was in the hospital to get better. Hospitals are there to help people. And that not all people who go to the hospital go to Heaven right after.

She seemed to understand and went on about her merry way. I just hate that she's having to think like that as a 3 year old. A 3 year old shouldn't have to be worrying about hospitals or death. But she's so smart and I'm so proud of her for asking the questions that she's thinking about.

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