Sunday, April 03, 2011

5th Place!

Well I just completed my first ever fishing tournament! Wright Medical holds one every year and my father in law and husband have been wanting to do it. The only caveat is that a Wright Medical employee has to be in the So I looked at the two and decided who was going to help me win the tournament and that was my father in law. Ha! Just kidding honey! We had a blast. And I thank my father in law for being so patient and kind to this novice fisherwoman. And we came in 5th place!!! Out of 28 boats! I was so proud. Thank you PaPaw!! I had a blast! We'll get them next year!

I could get used to driving a boat. Although my preference is to not do it with 7 layers on. It was a little chilly the day before the tournament. That was practice day.

Headed to weigh in

Me and PaPaw with our prized fish.

I even held the big one!

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