Saturday, May 24, 2008

California Fun!

We had a wonderful trip to California. Ella did wonderful on the plane! You would have never known she was even on a plane. She probably did better than Mommy did. Ha! And let me just say I am so proud of my baby girl. She was ripped from a daily routine that she was used to and she had to nap on the go and went to bed way late every night and she didn't so much as whine. She was a real trooper and just went with the flow.

The wedding was beautiful. It was on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Scroll down and you can see some of the pictures. Congratulations Jillian and Angelo! We wish you guys the very best!

We also made a trip to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Dr. Boy did we stick out like sore thumbs. No celebrity sightings. :( We also went to the beach so that Ella could stick her feeties in the sand and water. The water was a little chilly so as soon as she hit it she started screaming. So we'll try it again in June when we go to Hilton Head.

And our last day there we headed to Disneyland. We had a great time riding rides, etc. Ella even got to ride a couple. But towards the end of the day she had gotten some sunscreen in her eye. It made her eye red, a little swollen, and she had some blotchiness on that side of her face. Poor baby! So off we go to the first aid station to get it washed out with some saline. She just laid there and let the lady squirt saline all in her eye. She didn't even flinch nor did she even cry! She was absolutely amazing the whole trip and we just could not be prouder of her. Looks like she's going to be our little traveler.

First trip to Disneyland...first trip to the first aid station

Not too sure about the dark Pinnochio ride at Disneyland

Pacific was a little too cold for her liking

Much better now that she's in Daddy's arms

Look at that view!

By this point she was tired of pictures

Ella and PaPa

The Leach Family

Ella waiting for the wedding to start

Hanging out with Aunt Leah after her bath

Daddy and Ella

Gorgeous Girl

How much did you say that was!?! (Rodeo Dr)

The boys pimpin' it on Rodeo

Sitting in the big girl seat on the way to get the rental car

Watching Big Bear on the plane

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