Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Reid Newman Parker

One of the best days of my life!! All of my children's briths have been the most memorable days I will ever have. Talk about miracles. Jeremy and I got to the hospital at 4am since we were being induced because this little boy wouldn't budge. He was still very high and I was a little anxious considering I knew I was going natural with no drugs and we were forcing him out instead of him choosing to come out. They started the pitocin around 5am and the doc came in and broke my water about 7am. I did really well since I knew what to expect going natural and had my mindset in that type of pain frame. :) Once I reached 7cm my body started flying through and Reid was ready to meet us. As soon as the doctor entered the room to deliver him Jeremy hit the record button on the video recorder and 3 minutes and 48 seconds later Reid was out. It only took one push! I was ready! And then we met our beautiful son that we were waiting on. God has truly blessed us with three beautiful, healthy children and we couldn't be more grateful.

                                Reid Newman Parker
                                9lbs4oz     22in long

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