Friday, July 29, 2011

I Love Her

So Ella and I were laying in her bed the other night reading books, saying prayers, and getting ready for bed. She looks over at me, starts rubbing my face with her hand, and says, "You're a great, great Mother." I completely lost my breath. That girl just made my whole year. But what was even harder for me was that one of my last great conversations with my Mom she said the same words to me. It was very strange. It was like my Mother was talking through Ella. Talk about crying my eyes out. Thank you Ella. I needed that. I love you.

I'm also documenting this so that I can refer to this post when she is 16 years old and telling me how horrible I am. :)I will so read this post back to her as much as I need to. Boy, she's going to love me.

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