Saturday, December 04, 2010

When things went south...

We had a great Thanksgiving that Thursday. Well, Mom woke up on Friday not feeling very well and not being able to walk. So by Friday afternoon we were on our way to the ER. Turns out she was having a reaction to some of her pain medicine as well as she had fallen and shattered her cancer riddled hip. So we spent the next week trying to get her well enough to travel. Unfortunately, since her hip was shattered she could not fly commercial. So we had to charter a private plane and we were able to make it home that following Thursday. She is now at Methodist Germantown awaiting hip reconstruction and arthroplasty surgery on Monday. Say a prayer!

Geting her ready to take off

A VERY nervous Philip

Philip just appeasing me for a picture

Ella left her "daughter" for Nannie to take care of. So "Daughter" was hanging out with Nannie while flying. :)

God's Country

Landed safely at Memphis International. Private jets are the way to go!

Unloading the "patient". Ha.

Ella's "daughter" was helping the Pilot fly the plane.

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