Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day

This is the Christmas I have been waiting for. Just seeing Ella's reaction to everything has made it all that much more special. I love Christmas through a child's eyes. We had a wonderful holiday filled with family and friends. We are so blessed with our health, happiness, and love and we give it all to the glory of God. Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Ella with her kiss from Rudolph

Megan with her kiss from Rudolph

Megan-Christmas Morning

Future model Ella

Absolutely loving Lucky the Pony from Nannie

Nannie, Megan, and Ella

The new vacuum of the house. I wished it really worked
because then my floors would actually be clean
with the amount of times that Ella has already vacuumed.

Seeing her swing set for the first time

Uncle Ryan and the girls
To the Crawleys and Parkers-I have NO idea what happened to my camera when you guys were over. We're going to have to take some pictures next time you guys are here! So I apologize!!

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The Harper Family said...

Uncle Ryan & Megan could be twins! haha. The girls are adorable! Love the Rudolph kisses!