Friday, September 05, 2008

Hurricane Gustav and Ike

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Jeremy got deployed last Saturday with the Task Force to go down to Louisiana and help with the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav and took the computer with him. So I can't download any new pictures. However, we sure do miss our Hubby and Daddy and are ready for him to come home. Unfortunately, it looks like they will keep them down there for Hurricane Ike that's coming. Ugh! And I leave next Friday to go overseas for work. So more than likely I won't get to see my husband for three weeks. :( But anyway, he's doing great and definitely missing us.

As for Ella she is just changing so much. She is now pointing to something that she wants and grunting/whining. Mommy's not to fond of the "Fetch Mommy while I whine" game so we are working on the names of what she's pointing at and also saying please along with asking for it. And she is also starting to really get into some tantrums. I can't believe that is already starting! Not my child.....oh, yes...definitely my child. :) She's doing really well with her eating. She will eat vegetables over anything. She can put away pounds of green beans. And she's completely off the bottle. We are now on our sippy cup 24/7. She has done great with the transition and hasn't skipped a beat. Oh, and she also got tubes put in her ears and had her adenoids removed 2 weeks ago. This will hopefully stop all the ear infections she had been having. So far so good...we had our post op appointment this week and the doctor said her ears looked great. So we are very excited.

Anyway, I think that's about all thats going on right now. Just keep our family in your prayers for that Jeremy stays safe and that I have safe travels, and that Ella adjusts well from not having both her parents' around for a little while.

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