Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All better....

Still loves her bath

Tanner and Ella playing tug-of-war with Tanner's toy get one end and I'll get the other

This is her clapping face...

Hi Mom...

Showing all 6 beautiful teeth

Another crazy sleeping position we find her in

I'm forecasting another accountant...:)

Well we've had a rough couple of weeks...Ella had a nasty virus and then she so kindly passed it on to Mommy. Ella was so pitiful but her MeMaw was here to help make her feel better. Thank you MeMaw! But now everyone is feeling 10 times better. But she is just growing so much and doing so many new things. She's absolutely amazing to watch. She is now pulling herself all the way up, and crawling everywhere. She likes to read books, wave, loves the calculator, tv remotes, and phones (cell phones and the house phone). We know if it's quiet then she's up to something. And her 1 year birthday is just in two weeks. I can not believe that a year has already flown by. Anyway we hope everyone is well and here are a couple of random pictures that were taken around the house.

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