Thursday, April 17, 2008

April Update

Hi guys! Sorry it's taken so long for an update, but not much is going on. Ella is doing well. She just got over a double ear infection so she's much happier. When she went to the doctor this morning to recheck her ears, she weighed 21 lbs. She's definitely my healthy girl. But she has been amazing to be around. She is so much fun. She's talking to us (starting to say bye-bye and dadada), eating all kinds of baby food and some people food, still only has two teeth, running around in her walker (and I mean running), being a bully in her class at school (we're working on that), she's starting to give hugs and saying "aaaugh" at the same time when she's giving you lovings, loving her 7:30-8:00 bedtime, and still loving her bath (she could stay in there all night). Those are just a couple of things I can think of. Jeremy and I are doing well. I've been busy with work lately and Jeremy just joined a golf league, so he's very excited. Hope everyone is doing well and we will add pictures soon.

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