Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Beautiful Eyes

Look at these beautiful eyes she has...thanks to Daddy. Here are some pictures we took the other day. It's been a little rough in the Parker household this past week. Ella came down with bronchiolitis caused by RSV, which is NOT fun! She was having a hard time breathing so she's been doing breathing treatments to help her. Its definitely getting better, but its so hard seeing her like that. She was sleeping 10-11 hours straight but now that she's been sick she's up constantly. So we're hoping she gets back into the groove of things soon.
She's also starting to try and roll over. She'll get half way and then stop. Cereal is still a no go with her. She HATES it! I can't blame her because it even smells gross. I'm trying to mix it with some applesauce and that seems to help a little, but she really won't eat much. Also when we went to the doctor last week she weighs 16 lbs and 1 oz, so she's definitely a healthy girl. But we are very excited about the upcoming holidays. We'll post some Christmas pictures soon.

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