Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thank you Nana and Aunt Debbie!

She was watching football. Mommy and Daddy are excited about that one.

We would like to thank Nana and Aunt Debbie for buying Ella the rainforest jumper. We set it up for her and she just loves it! On another note, everyone in the Parker house is adjusting well to Mommy being back to work. Ella's having a good time with Daddy during the day. However, Ella will be starting the daycare the Monday after Thanksgiving, so say a little prayer for Mommy and Daddy. And everyone in the Parker house has been sick. Even Ella...she has her first runny nose. She's handling it very well. No extra crankiness, just an upset baby when I use the nose plunger. She can't stand it! But overall everyone is getting better and just looking forward to the holidays coming up!

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